I need to book an appointment to apply for a passport - how do I go about it?

05 Jun 2023

The Embassy receives a lot of questions from Swedish citizens in the UK about applying for passports. Here we clarify the different ways you can apply for a Swedish passport.

As a Swedish citizen in the UK there is a number of ways to apply for a passport. The Embassy's consular section is, above all, a complementary institution in issuing passports for Swedes and is not equipped to issue passports for all Swedes in the UK. It is therefore important that you are aware of the alternatives available to you in regard to applying for a passport, and that you allow enough time to apply for one.

The alternatives to apply for a passport are:

  • Apply for a passport with the Police in Sweden. Information about how to do that here. You can request to collect your passport in the UK once it is ready, more information about the collection of passports here
  • Regularly check the booking website for an available timeslot at the Embassy. Appointments are released every week during office hours for three months ahead. However, the demand for appointments continues to be very high so do expect this approach to take time. More information about booking appointments at the Embassy here
  • Book an appointment at another Swedish Embassy that issues passport
  • Apply for an emergency passport (if your passport has expired) to travel to the passport issuing authority where you intend to renew it. More information about emergency passports here.

This list is exhaustive and exceptions are generally not made.

Remember that regardless of where you apply for a passport you need to bring all necessary documentation. Please find more information and links to the forms you must bring here.

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Last updated 22 Sep 2023, 4.54 PM