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Emergency passport

If you have lost your ordinary passport you can apply for an emergency passport. An emergency passport issued by the Embassy is an A4-sheet and issued for a specific, one-way and imminent (within 2-3 days) journey.

Emergency passports can be issued by the Embassy in London or the Honorary Consulate in Edinburgh. They are valid for a one-way journey and do not contain any biometric data.

You must always check that the country you are visiting accepts a Swedish A4 emergency passport. You can do this for example by contacting the embassy in the country you are travelling to or your airline/travel company.

Necessary documents for emergency passport

To apply for an emergency passport in the UK you need to:

1. Supply all necessary documents as specified in the checklist for ordinary passport/national ID-cards for adults or the checklist for ordinary passport/national ID-cards for children (under 18) respectively

2. Show a valid ticket for an imminent trip (within 2-3 days)

3. Pay the fee at the same time as the application is submitted. See all fees here

Please note that you do not need to book an appointment for emergency passports, but you do need to attend the Embassy in person during opening hours for emergency passports.

If you are applying for an emergency passport because your ordinary passport is no longer valid you must bring the expired passport along with another form of valid photo ID. Here you can find more information about valid ID and how you can prove your identity in case you do not have a valid ID (in Swedish).

If your ordinary passport has been lost or stolen, it will be rendered invalid by the Embassy. A passport cannot be used after it has been rendered invalid. 

An emergency passport cannot be used as an ID.

Emergency passport in Edinburgh

The same requirements and necessary documentation as specified above is needed to apply for an emergency passport at a consulate.

For opening hours at the Honorary Consulate in Edinburgh, scroll down to the bottom of this page. You may have to book an appointment to apply for an emergency passport at a consulate.