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Emergency passport

If you have lost your ordinary passport you can apply for an emergency passport. The emergency passport is an A4 sheet and issued for a specific, imminent (within 2-3 days) journey. Validity varies depending on circumstances but maximum validity is 7 months. You must tell the Embassy how long you will be away and show a valid ticket. You must always check that the country you are visiting accepts a Swedish A4 emergency passport. The best way to do this is to contact the relevant embassy.

Applicants for emergency passports are required to:

  • Attend the Embassy in person
  • Complete the application form
  • If you apply because your passport is no longer valid – bring the passport.
  • A valid photo ID Read more about valid photo ID on Polisen.se
  • Show a valid ticket
  • If the passport has been lost/stolen we need a police report. The lost/stolen passport will be rendered invalid by the Embassy
    For children under 18 there are additional requirements
  • Swedish ID number
  • The child must attend the Embassy with at least one guardian
  • Complete the Guardian Certificate. It has to be signed by both guardians and witnessed by two persons living in the UK.
  • If the child only has one guardian we need to see legally valid  proof. (extract from the population register/court order)
  • A birth certificate with both parent’s names– if the child was born abroad
  • The parents must bring their own passport/valid photo ID. If only one guardian accompanies the child he/she needs to bring the absent guardian’s valid passport/photo ID. The Swedish parent must bring a valid passport or national ID card.
  • The fee of £154

Opening hours at the Embassy