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Checklist: Passport/ID-card applications adults (over 18)

Please ensure that you bring all necessary documents specified below to your passport/ID-card appointment at the Embassy. The same documentation is required regardless of whether you have had a Swedish passport previously or not.

Please note that all documents must be original.

  1. Make sure that you have a Swedish ID number. You need this to be able to apply for a Swedish passport/National ID-card.
  2. Book an appointment*. Please find instructions here (only in Swedish). Please note that you cannot book an appointment by phone, mail or by coming to the Embassy. 
  3. Complete and print the form "Verification of Swedish Citizenship".
    Note that it is important that the application form has been completely filled out when you arrive at the Embassy. If there is something in the application form that you do not understand, please ask someone for help before coming to your booked appointment. 
    Download the form here

  4. Check with Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency) that your personal information is correct. Passports and ID-cards will be issued in the name that is registered in the population register. Fill out and bring a printed and signed copy of the form "Ny adress/röstlängd för utvandrad" (only in Swedish). 
    Download the form here
  5. If you moved to the UK before 1998, you need to bring a "Letter of non-acquisition of British Citizenship". You will need to bring this every time you apply for a passport (but you will only have to require this letter once from the UK Home Office). The Embassy will take a copy of it and won't keep your document.
    More information about non-acquisition of British Citizenship here
    An alternative to "Letter of non-acquisition of British Citizenship" is if you present a screenshot (via mobile/tablet/computer) to the passport officer at the Embassy, which shows that you have acquired pre-settled or settled status via the EU Settlement Scheme. In that case, you must also bring a printed copy of the screenshot to your booked appointment.
  6. If you have another citizenship than Swedish citizenship, we need to see proof of that. The passport authority might want to see proof that you have not become a citizen in a country where you have been living previously. 
  7. If you have never lived in Sweden, you need to bring a birth certificate containing the names of both your parents.
  8. Bring your current passport. If your current passport has expired you will need to bring also bring a valid Swedish/UK photo ID (passport/driving license).
    More information about valid photo ID here
  9. If your passport has been lost/stolen we need a police report. The lost/stolen passport will then be invalidated by the Embassy.
  10. The application fee is payable by card as you submit your application.
    Find all fees here
  11. You can choose to pick up your passport/ID-card at another embassy/consulate if you notify the passport officer at the Embassy/authority where you submit your application. For example, you can apply for a passport in Sweden and have it sent to the Embassy in London, or apply at the Embassy in London and pick it up at one of the many consulates in the UK. If you wish to do so, you will pay an extra fee.
    Find all fees here
  12. A passport photo is taken at the Embassy, you do not need to bring a photo.

*The number of appointments that the Embassy can offer is limited. The fastest way to renew a Swedish passport is still to book an appointment in Sweden.

Last updated 22 May 2024, 2.13 PM