Contact for visa and migration matters

Information on how and when to approach the Embassy regarding Schengen visas and migration matters.

Updated warning: Avoid people selling services for family reunification

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has been informed that there might be individuals falsely representing the Swedish Migration Agency or the Embassy in certain countries. These individuals are claiming that it is possible e.g. through payment, to obtain an earlier appointment for an interview at the Embassy or that the applicants needs to pay an additional fee for booking an interview at a specific Embassy - sometimes even using official letterheads and pretending to be officials. Please note that the Swedish Embassies and Consulates General have nothing to do with any individuals who offer services for payment. All appointments for interviews for family reunification are made through the Embassies and are free of charge.  Please see Swedish Migration Agency webpage for more information.

Please contact the Embassy if you have any information that people are falsely representing Swedish authorities or if you suspect that somebody is trying to sell you services for additional charges (

For information in Arabic, see document further down.

If you have questions regarding residence permits (UAT) and/or a case at the Swedish Migration Agency, please see the Swedish Migration Agency's website or call +46 771 235 235 

Monday-Friday between 8.00 – 16.00, local Swedish time.  

  • Reception hours are on: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 08.45 – 09.30. You are welcome at that time without an appointment if you have questions, inquiries, need application forms or requirements for applications, want to appeal a decision, hand in a passport or need to submit biometrics (photo, fingerprints and signature) or pick up UT card.


  • To apply for a Schengen visa; you need to book an appointment with VFS Global, please read more here.


  • To pick up your passport or residence permit card you are welcome Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.45 until 9.30 a.m. If you wish to send someone on your behalf to pick it up for you, you need to authorize that person with a power of attorney written in English and signed by yourself. Please see  residence permit cards for a copy of a power of attorney used by the Embassy.
  • If you have any questions regarding  Schengen visas please check the information on the website first hand. If you cannot find the information needed end an e-mail to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
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