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Apply for a Visa

If you want to visit Sweden and you are a citizen of a country outside the EU, you may need to apply for a visa.

Applying via VFS Global in Amman

To improve the service available to those applying for a visa, the embassy cooperates with VFS Global. You present your application in person to VFS Global and they can also provide you with information and other kinds of service. When the decision has come through, after about 14 days, you collect your passport and your visa at the VFS Global.

PLEASE NOTE that no documents should be sent to the embassy. A basic rule is that all documents should be submitted in original. Some documents you only need to show in original at VFS Global, while a copy of the document submitted. Note that the documents submitted are a basis for the examination of the application to be started. It does not mean that the visa application must be granted.

Applications must be made in person at VFS Global. You don’t need to visit the Embassy at all.

VFS Global in Amman charge a fee of 27 euro (equivalent in Jordan dinars) per application (over and above the visa fee) for their services.  

They are open for:

Application submission: Sunday – Thursday (except public holidays) 09.00 – 15.00

Passport collection: Sunday – Thursday (except public holidays ) 15.00 – 17.00

Please see the VFS Global website for the application centre’s address and opening hours and for other practical information.

Address: Abdul Raheem Al-Haj Moh’d St. Galleria Mall, Building No. 56, 4th Floor, Sweifieh, Amman, Jordan

Telephone: +962 6 400 1004

Telephone hours:09.00-16.00 Sunday – Thursday

E-mail: info.swedenjordan@vfshelpline.com 


Applying on a paper form

If you cannot or do not wish to apply via the VFS Global (Swedish Visa Application Centre), you present your application forms and other documents in person at the Swedish embassy. You have to make an appointment, and the processing period will be longer. How to proceed:

1. Prepare the documentation

Check which documents and personal information you need. You must for instance have arranged for a passport and medical travel insurance and have booked an air ticket (although we advise you to delay payment until your visa has been granted), and you must also have an invitation from the person you will be visiting in Sweden.

Read more under ‘Required documents’.

2. Make an appointment

To make an appointment at the Embassy of Sweden, you send an e-mail to bokningar.amman@gov.se .You need to mention name of all applicants, planned entry date in Schengen and the purpose of the visit. The embassy have a limited number of appointments on Mondays only.

3. Pay the application fee

Read more about Feesunder our page regarding fees.

4. Visit the embassy

Bring the completed application form and all the required documents to the embassy at the appointed time. If you do not have all the documents with you, there is a risk that your application will be rejected.  During the visit, you may be required to answer some additional questions. Furthermore, applicants (from 12 years of age) must have his or her biometric information taken (ten fingerprints and a photograph). The application fee should be paid in cash in Jordan dinars when you visit the embassy. 

All family members who apply at the same time – including children – must visit the embassy.

You can find the address of the embassy under Contact at our website - Contact - Sweden Abroad 

5. Wait for the decision

You can usually collect the decision and your passport within 14 days.