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Frequently asked questions

How can I get an appointment to apply for a visa?

All applicants have to fill out the online visa application, pay and make an appointment through the Migration Agency’s website at: Swedish Migration Agency online application.

In exceptional cases like attending funeral and other very urgent cases such as important and unforeseen business trips, it might be possible to get an appointment directly from the Embassy and hand in a paper application. In these cases, please contact the Embassy by email (ambassaden.teheran-visum@gov.se) with documents showing why it is urgent and a copy of your passport.  

You can find more information under How to apply.

How can I book an appointment if I do not have any international credit cards?

If you have problem with online payment and you do not have international credit cards (e.g. Visa Card or MasterCard), you can still fill out online web application and book your appointment online yourself and then ask someone to assist you in online payment. For this, after registering your application, you need to give your account's username and password to another person to log in and pay online for you through My page for e-visa.

If you cannot register and book an appointment on the Internet yourself, you are allowed to let the person you are visiting in Sweden to fill out and pay for the application, and book an appointment at the Embassy for you. Remember that the inviting person must have access to your personal information to be able to fill out the form, for example information in your passport like spelling of names, date of birth and passport number.

You can find more information under How to apply.

Can I pay the application fee at a Pasargad bank first and then request for an appointment at the Embassy either by phone, in person or by email?

No. The one and only way to book an appointment for visa at the Embassy is through online web application at the Swedish Migration Agency’s website:  www.migrationsverket.se

 You can find more information under How to apply.

How can I apply online through web application for visa and how does it work?

To apply online, you should first visit the Migration Agency’s website. There you can find information about online applications.

You can find more information under How to apply.

I had made an online appointment at the Embassy to submit a visit application but my plans have changed and now I need to change my appointment. What should I do?

A scheduled appointment cannot be changed. The Embassy will not give you a new appointment if you miss the one you scheduled when you registered your application. If you want to change your appointment or you don't visit the Embassy at your scheduled appointment for any reason, you have to register a new application and book a new appointment. You can check available times before booking the appointment in the Embassy's calendar at: Available appointments.

You can find more information under How to apply.

How much is the fee for visa?

As you register you visa application online, you pay the application fee online, with an international credit card. The fees for Schengen visa are:

  • Adults: 80 Euro to be paid online through web application
  • Children aged 6 - 12: 40 Euro to be paid online through web application
  • Children under 6: No fee

You can find more information under Fees.

What documents should I have to apply for a visa?

To apply for any kind of visa, you must fulfill the basic requirements; you should also submit the supporting documents in order to be granted a visa.

You can find more information under Required documents.

Depending on the purpose of your trip you should also submit more supporting documents. You can find more information depending on the purpose of your trip by following these links:

Do I need to be present in person at the Embassy when applying for visa?

Yes, you and all your accompanying persons must be present at the time of the submitting the application even though you had a Schengen visa before. 

Should I translate the documents to English or Swedish?

It is recommended to present your documents in English or Swedish, but if your documents are originally in any other languages than Swedish or English, you should translate them into Swedish or English.

Do I need to present the original of invitation for applying for the visa?

It is not compulsory to present the original of invitation. All the invitations can be sent to you through email, but bear in mind that the invitations needs to be signed by the inviting person and the inviting time also should be mentioned in the invitation. It is important that the invitation states the same time period as you are applying for a visa for.

Is it compulsory for my first point of entry to the Schengen territory to be Sweden?

As a general rule it is not compulsory for your first point of entry to the Schengen territory to always be Sweden. However you need to bear in mind that when you made your application you have stated that your main destination is Sweden and that you’ll be staying most of days during your journey in Sweden.

You can find more information under General Schengen visa information.

Is holding a visa enough to enter the Schengen area?

Your short-stay visa allows you to travel to Sweden and usually to other Schengen States. But it does not automatically entitle you to enter the Schengen area. So you may have to provide certain information at border or other controls. You may, for instance, have to provide information on your means of support, how long you intend to stay in Sweden, and why you are visiting Sweden. In some cases, such checks may result in a refusal for the visa holder to enter Sweden or the Schengen area.

You can find more information under General Schengen visa information.

Who decides my visa case?

In most cases, the Embassy decides whether to grant a visa. If the Embassy is not sure what position to take on an application, it passes the case on to the Migration Agency in Sweden for a decision.

You can find more information under General Schengen visa information.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to process an application at the Embassy varies but decisions are generally reached within 15 days from the time you visit the Embassy. This period may be extended up to a maximum 30 calendar days in individual cases, notably when further scrutiny of application is needed.

Please note that waiting times can be long in order to get an appointment. We advise you to book an appointment early, especially during high season in spring and summer (April-July).

You can find more information under General Schengen visa information.

I live far away from Tehran, can someone else pick up my visa for me?

If you cannot or do not want to come to Embassy to pick up your passport or decision, you can give a power of attorney to someone else. To do that you can simply sign a power of attorney while you are at the Embassy at the time of application.

What should I do when I receive my passport with a visa in it?

As soon as you receive your passport with a short-stay visa, make sure that all the information it contains is correct. To see how you can check your visa information, go to ‘General Schengen visa information’.

What can I do if my visa application is turned down?

It's possible to appeal a decision on an entry visa. The decision to reject an application for an entry visa always has justification. This means that you get information in the decision as to why your application was rejected.

If you received a decision you are not satisfied with, you can submit a written appeal no later than 3 weeks from the day you received the decision.

For more information on how to appeal the decision on a visa case, see Appeals

My application for a visit visa was recently rejected and I have appealed the decision. How can I check the status of my appeal?

After receiving your appeal, it is the Embassy that initially decides whether to review the decision. The Embassy will verify that the appeal came in on time and will go over the case again. If more than 3 weeks have passed, the appeal will be rejected; in that case you will have to submit a new visa application.

If the Embassy changes the decision

If the Embassy finds that the decision could be changed, you will be contacted. The decision can be changed if new information comes in or if the Embassy considers the decision to be wrong. In that case you will be notified, and the entry visa placed in your passport.

If the Embassy does not change the decision, it will be forwarded

If the appeal came in on time and the Embassy sees no reason to change the decision, the case will be forwarded as soon as possible. Your application, the decision, and all other documents submitted in the case will be sent to the Administrative Court in Stockholm. The Administrative Court then makes a decision and notifies you at the address you specified in the application or in the appeal.

After the case has been handed over to the court, all questions about the case should be addressed to them. You find their contact information here:


For more information on how to appeal the decision on a visa case, see Appeals.

How long is a visa valid?

A visa is valid in the Schengen countries for up to 90 days in a 180-day period.

What kind of visa should I apply for if I intend to visit Sweden for more than 90 days?

If you are planning to stay in Sweden for longer than 90 days you need to apply for a visitors’ residence permit, or – if there are special reasons – a visa for a longer period (a D visa).

You can find more information under Visa for longer than 90 days.

Can I extend my stay in Sweden?

There is a possibility to apply to extend your stay in Sweden. But if you have planned to stay more than 90 days in Sweden it is recommended to apply for Visitor’s Residence permit at the Embassy of Sweden in Tehran before going to Sweden, as it might be difficult to get an extension in Sweden.

You can find more information at the Migration Agency's website.

How can I reach and contact the Visa Section of the Embassy? Why it is very hard to reach?

You can contact the Visa Section of the Embassy by email, telephone or fax.

The Visa section’s email address is: ambassaden.teheran-visum@gov.se

If you cannot find the answer to your question on our website, we recommend you to contact us through email (ambassaden.teheran-visum@gov.se) and freely ask your questions and the emails will typically be answered within three working days. If you have emailed complementary documents it is not necessary to call and check that we have received them.

If you email us at ambassaden.teheran-visum@gov.se correctly, you will receive an autoreply email immediately which shows your email is received by the Embassy. But if you don't receive the autoreply email, it means your email is not delivered to us and you should check the email address to which you sent the email. In most cases it is the word 'teheran' which is misspelled.

If you want to call us at the Visa Section, you should contact us during our telephone hours, Sunday to Wednesday between 15.00 to 16.00 by telephone number: +98-21-2371 2200.

Some days due to the high number of incoming telephone calls, it is difficult to reach the Embassy. We do our best to answer as many calls as we can. But if you could not contact the embassy through phone, you can always email the Visa section at ambassaden.teheran-visum@gov.se.

You can find more information under Contact.