Sweden & Iran

Visiting relatives and friends

If you apply for a visa to visit relatives or friends in Sweden, you need the basic requirements, supporting documents and the documents listed below.

In order to apply for any kind of visa, you should submit the documents required by all visa applicants, the Basic Requirements must be fulfilled and the Supporting documents should be submitted too.

Read more under Required documents.

To show the purpose of the intended journey you need to submit the following additional documents:

  • Invitation (Form no. 241011). Invitation must be completed and signed by the relative or friend in Sweden wishing to invite you. The inviter should write clear information regarding what dates you are invited, and for how long. Every invited person needs an invitation form, even minors. This form can be scanned and sent to you by email.  
  • Civic registration/family certificate (personbevis) for the relative/friend in Sweden. Your relative or friend in Sweden can order this from the Swedish Tax Agency. This document cannot be more than three months old. This document can be scanned and sent to you by email. Personbevis does NOT need to be stamped by the Swedish Tax Agency, it can be printed from their website.
  • A copy of the inviting person's passport or Swedish identity card. The copy has to be dated and signed by the person in Sweden. This document can be scanned and sent to you by email.
  • And – if the relative/friend will be paying for your support in Sweden – you have to show his/her pay slip, pension statement or bank statement. This document can be scanned and sent to you by email.
  • For a family visit: proof of family ties e.g. a Shenasnameh (identity document with family record from the register office). If you want to show family ties with a person who is a resident in Sweden, you have to show your parents' Shenasnamehs or other documentation showing the family relationship. This is particularly important if the person in Sweden is a sister or brother.

Please note that you always need to add documents (A to E) which are listed under Required documents.

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For information regarding booking an appointment visit How to apply.

For information regarding application fees, visit Fee.