Sweden & Iran

Business and conference visits

If you apply for a visa to visit Sweden for business or attending conference, you need the basic requirements, supporting documents and the documents listed below.

In order to apply for any kind of visa, you should submit the documents required by all visa applicants, the Basic Requirements must be fulfilled and the Supporting documents should be submitted too.

Read more under Required documents.

To show the purpose of the intended journey you need to submit the following additional documents:


  • Invitation letter from a firm in Sweden, showing both the dates and reason of the visit and who will be responsible for supporting you financially during your stay. The invitation has to be signed, and contain contact information to the Swedish Company.  
  • Documentary evidence of the business relationship (contracts, invoices, correspondence, proof of import, etc.)


  • invitation for conference issued by the organizer  
  • Confirmation of fee payment for the conference

Trade fairs:

  • Trade fair ticket or invitation issued by the organizing body in one of the Member States or an Iranian official representative of the fair;  
  • Confirmation of fee payment for the stand at the trade fair and confirmation of the organizing body or the local fair representative with the names of the applicants (if the applicants is employed by an exhibiting company)

Please note that you always need to add documents (A to E) which are listed under Required documents.

You can read more about Schengen visa under General Schengen visa information.

For information regarding booking an appointment visit How to apply.

For information regarding application fees, visit Fee.