Sweden & Iran

Visiting relatives and friends for longer than 90 days

If you are planning to visit Sweden for longer than 90 days you need to apply for a visitors' residence permit.

General information

When applying, if you know that you will need to stay in Sweden for a period longer than 90 days, you should not apply for a Schengen visa but for a visitor’s residence permit. 

An application for a visitor’s residence permit is always sent to the Migration Agency in Sweden, where the decision is taken. If the application is granted, residence permits are usually issued for between three and twelve months.

If you are to be granted a residence permit for a visit, the purpose of the trip must be to visit Sweden, not to settle there. You must have the means to support yourself throughout your stay, and you must possess either a return ticket or enough money for your return journey. Medical travel insurance is not compulsory, but it is advisable, since medical costs can be high.

Requirements for visitor's permits

A basic requirement is that all documents should be submitted in original and written in Swedish or English. Documents written in other languages in general have to be translated into Swedish or English.

To get a permit you must

  • have received an invitation from the person you intend to visit
  • be able to provide for yourself for the duration of your stay in Sweden
  • have a passport that is valid for at least three months after the last date of your visit
  • have a return ticket or the money to buy one.
  • have a medical travel insurance

 The following documents should be attached to the application:

  • The person you are visiting in Sweden must fill out the form Invitation, number 241011, and send it to you. He or she must also enclose personal registration certificate (personbevis), copy of the passport, ID or similar document.
  • account statement or other document showing that you have sufficient funds for your time in Sweden
  • copies of your passport or travel document.
  • one recently taken colour photograph in passport format that is no older than six months and is 45 mm x 35 mm in size. The photo must be taken against a light background and show you looking straight ahead. Photo cannot be retouched
  • Shenasnameh, show the original and submit a copy and a translation to English or Swedish
  • a return ticket or other document showing that you have sufficient funds to buy one.

    Apply online

    Applications for visitor's permits are handed in digitally. This applies only to persons that are outside Sweden. Apply and pay the application fee by using this e-service.

    When you conclude your application in the e-service, you will be directed to a page where you book an appointment for a physical visit at the Embassy of Sweden in Tehran. During this visit you will show your passport and conclude your application with an interview. You will also give your fingerprints and have your photo taken.

    If you are granted a residence permit you will be issued with a residence permit card. The card contains, among other things, your fingerprints and a photograph of you. The fingerprints and photograph will only be stored in the chip on the card.

    The Migration Agency processes the application

    After your interview, your application will be moved back to the Migration Agency in Sweden, where the case is processed and a decision is made.  

    You receive the decision

    A visitor's permit is usually valid for no more than six months, or up to one year. This permit is only valid for a visit, and you may not work or take up residence in Sweden.

    Don't forget insurance

    You will not become a registered resident of Sweden, and will therefore not be entitled to any social benefits. For this reason, it is important that you have insurance to cover any costs that may arise in the event of illness or an accident.

    If the Swedish Migration Agency refuses your application

    If the Migration Agency does not grant you a residence permit, you may appeal the decision within three weeks of the day you received it. Information on how to do this can be found in the decision.

    Residence permit card

    Since your visit is longer than three months, you will be given a residence permit card to show that you have the right to be in Sweden. This card must have a photograph of you as well as your fingerprints.  

    If you were not photographed nor fingerprinted when you applied, you should do this when your decision is ready by visiting the Embassy. When the residence card is ready, you can collect it from the Embassy. Note that it may take up to six weeks after you receive your decision to make the card and deliver it to the Embassy. When you arrive in Sweden, you must present your residence card together with a valid passport.

    For more information about the residence permit card, click here.

    Applying for a D-visa

    If you have special grounds that are approved, you can obtain a national visa (D-visa) for longer than 90 days, but for a year at the most. Special grounds may for instance be that you need to travel often for business purposes and spend more than 90 days in a 180 day period in Sweden. This could also apply to parents who will travel back and forth to visit their children in Sweden.

    Please note that only if you can show special grounds a national (D) visa can  be approved. In most cases you should apply for a visitor‘s residence permit. 

    Requirements for D-visa

    The requirements are the same as for a Schengen visa (Required documents) with the following exceptions:

    • You have to show that there are special circumstances entitling you to a D visa. Most applicants who want to stay in Sweden more than 90 days in a 180 day period should apply for a visitor's permit.
    • Use the form National visa (D visa) 169011
    • Medical travel insurance is not required but recommended in case anything should happen.