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Swedish passports and national identity cards

As of 1 October 2005, Swedish travel documents are issued in compliance with the requirements laid down in the EU regulation regarding passport security and biometrics. The passports and national identity cards are equipped with a computer chip which stores the holder's personal data, photo and fingerprints, and are valid for five years.

Further information about Swedish passports and national identity cards is available on the Swedish Police Service website: www.polisen.se

Different alternatives for Swedes abroad

Swedish citizens who are resident abroad and who need a new passport or national identity card can apply in different ways:

  • While visiting Sweden The quickest and cheapest way is to apply while visiting Sweden. You can contact any passport authority and the fee for a 5 year passport is SEK 350 and for a national ID-card SEK 400. Normally, you can pick up a new passport or national identity card within a week. It is also possible to collect your new travel document at an Embassy or Consulate, although this takes longer and you will be charged a collection fee (currently SEK 150).
  • At a Swedish mission abroad You can also submit your application at most Swedish missions abroad. The fee is currently SEK 1 400. Delivery of new travel documents takes between two to six weeks, as passports are produced in Sweden and are sent by courier. Travel documents can be picked up at any passport authority in Sweden or abroad.
  • As of 1 January 2014 it will no longer be possible to apply for a regular Swedish passport or national identity card at the Embassy in Reykjavik. This is also the case at our embassies in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
  • Swedish citizens in these countries will instead have to submit their applications at a passport aithority in Sweden (i.e a police station that issues passports and national identity cards)  or at a Swedish Embassy that is still authorized to issue passports and national identity cards.It will, however, still be possible to collect a passport or national identity card that has been applied for in Sweden from the Embassy in Reykjavik. We will also still be able to issue temporary (emergency) passports to Swedish citizens. Read more on the Embassy´s webpage in Swedish. 

Honorary consulates

It is possible to collect your new regular passport or national ID-card at a Consulate. Don't forget to bring your old passport when you collect your new one, and please note you will be charged a collection fee of SEK 150.


Everyone applying for a passport or national ID-card must provide proof of identity. The applicant must also provide proof of Swedish citizenship. A newborn/child must be registered and have a Swedish ID-number before they can have a passport. Applicants are advised to consult the staff of the passport authority prior to submitting their application.