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Business and conference visits

When applying for a business visa for Sweden, you must submit all of the documents mentioned below.

For a business or conference visit, you are required to enclose an invitation – a letter – with your visa application from the company concerned or from whoever is organizing the conference. The invitation must contain details about you, the applicant, such as:

  • personal particulars
  • arrival and departure dates
  • the purpose of your visit who will support you during your stay in Sweden.

A pre-printed form is found here, Questionnaire for applicants, Appendix A. It is also available at the Embassy or Consulate.

  • A passport or other travel document, including copy, valid for at least a further three months after departing from Sweden.
  • A completed application form, in Swedish or English. Application forms for a Schengen visa may be downloaded here. They are also available at the Embassy/Consulate.
  • Family details – Appendix to your application
  • Two [2] photographs of passport style and size [35 x 45 mm] for all applicants, including minors. Your photograph must be: – colour photo – recent and of true likeness – showing full face – taken without headgear – head coverings and hats are only acceptable due to religious beliefs, and even then, may not cover any portion of the applicant's face – taken against a plain, evenly lit and light background.
    Photographs that do not conform to these standards will be rejected and may cause delay in processing the application.
  • Invitation from a company or organization in Sweden as above
  • A valid, personal travel insurance which covers costs for – emergency treatment by a doctor – urgent ambulance transportation – transportation back to applicant's home country if required for medical reasons.
  • The insurance must cover at least 30,000 Euro and be valid in all Schengen states and cover the total length of stay.
  • Your entry visa must be entered in your passport before your arrival in Sweden.

Business and conference visits

If you are visiting Sweden on a business or conference trip and are a citizen of a non-EU country, you may need a visa. A visa is a permit to travel to and stay in a country for a limited period.

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