Sveriges ambassad Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Lokaltid Dar es Salaam

Stockholm + 50 conference in Stockholm 1-3rd of June 2022.

17 maj 2022

Stockholm + 50 conference in Stockholm 1-3rd of June 2022. If you are going to attend the Stockholm+50 Conference you need to apply for a visa as soon as possible, unless you are exempted from the visa requirement. The Embassy normally has a processing time of 15 days but will prioritize this event. You need to apply between the 16-18th of May at VFS Global, which is an external service provider for Swedish visas, in order for the Embassy to process your application on time.

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  • National Conference on Ending Violence against Women and Childre
    21 mar 2019
    National Conference on Ending Violence against Women and Children Theme: Reflections on Violence against Women and Children in Tanzania
  • 08 okt 2018
    Next week, starting Monday 8 October, the Embassy and SSACC (Swedish- Southern African Chamber of Commerce) will arrange a business week in Dar es Salaam. The Swedish business delegation will bring together Swedish companies, to travel to Tanzania- to meet and network with their counterparts and discuss business opportunities.
  • 01 okt 2018
    To continue broadening, strengthening and deepening our relationship between Sweden and Tanzania, the Embassy is hosting an Export Seminar 2 October, in partnership with Open Trade Gate Sweden and TanTrade.
  • World Cleanup Day
    Let's do it Tanzania
    01 sep 2018
    Tanzanian plogging premiere and the opening of a plastic pavilion on Coco Beach- raising awareness and engagement for World Cleanup Day and Let's do it Tanzania campaign

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