Honorary Consulates

There are currently ten Swedish Honorary Consulates in the United Kingdom, in Belfast, Brighton, Cardiff, Dover, Edinburgh, Gibraltar, Glasgow, Immingham, St Helier (Jersey) and Manchester.

What is an Honorary Consulate?

An Honorary Consulate is led by an Honorary Consul and is a person permnanently residing on the location of the consulate. The Honorary Consul can be either a Swedish or foreign citizen who has undertaken the voluntary role of honorary consul. There is no remuneration for the role of Honorary Consul.

What does an Honorary Consul do?

Some consulates can issue emergency passport (see below) and at most consulates you can collect passports, driving licences and national id-cards that have been issued elsewhere. An Honorary Consulate can also sign life certificates (e.g. for the Swedish Pensions Agency – Pensionsmyndigheten). 

Following instructions from and in consultation with the Embassy, consulates can also assist in cases of emergency, imprisonment or death. 

Honorary Consulates and passports

Honorary Consulates cannot issue ordinary passports, however, the consulates in Edinburgh and Glasgow can issue emergency passports if needed. You can find more information about emergency passports here. 

You can pick up a passport or national id-card that you applied for elsewhere (such as in Sweden or at the Embassy in London) at all Honorary Consulates in the United Kingdom. In that case, you need to notify the Embassy by email of where you would like to collect it when you get notified that your passport/id-card is ready.

Last updated 13 Dec 2022, 11.58 AM