About us

The Embassy of Sweden in London is led by Ambassador Stefan Gullgren and is tasked with representing Sweden and the Swedish government in the United Kingdom.

Around 30 people work at the Embassy with a range of issues, including both diplomatic and locally engaged staff.

Political and Economic Affairs

The section for political and economic affairs is tasked with representing Sweden in dealing with British representatives with questions such as domestic and foreign policy, security and defence, EU coordination, economic affairs, and more.

The section is also responsible for promoting Sweden and Swedish trade interests as well as promoting the image of Sweden abroad in general, including press and communications.

Defence Department

The Defence Department is part of the Swedish Armed Forces and is tasked with supporting the military cooperation between Sweden and the United Kingdom as well as coordinating diplomatic issues with Swedish military personnel, and Swedish state aircraft and ships on British territory.

Office for Innovation and Science

The Office for Innovation and Science opened in January 2022 and is a collaboration between the Swedish Ministries of Climate and Enterprise, Education and Research, Rural Affairs and Infrastructure and Foreign Affairs. The Office is tasked with developing and promoting Swedish-British collaboration within life sciences, export and investments, research and innovation as well as the Government's Innovation Partnership Programme. The Office is led by Science and Innovation Counsellor Marika Amartey.

Consular Section

The consular section handles consular issues involving Swedish citizens in the United Kingdom. This includes emergencies, registration of newborns, paternity cases, coordination numbers, passports, and more. The section also handles certain cases of Swedish visas and other cases involving Swedish authorities. 

Cultural Affairs

The Embassy's Cultural Affairs department promotes Swedish culture in the United Kingdom, including literature, art, dance, music, film and theatre, as well as works to establish cultural links and collaboration between the countries.  

Working with us

See the Swedish section of the website for information about working at the Embassy here.

The Embassy offers Swedish students the opportunity to apply for internships with the Embassy, find more information in Swedish here.

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