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How to apply for a visa

Follow these steps in order to apply for a visa

1. Prepare the documents.

Some documents are required in all applications. You also need supporting documents, depending on the resaon for your trip you will need to submit additional supporting documents.

Required documents

All documents should be translated to English or Swedish. Read about the required documents and the general supporting documents under Required documents.

Supporting documents

Depending on the reason for your trip you also need to provide additional supporting documents. Under each title below you will find more information on what type of additional supporting documents that are required.

2. Pay the fee

It is not possible to pay the fee at the Embassy. You must present a receipt when you hand in your application. Follow this link for information on how to pay the fee. 

3. Book an appointment.

You need to book an appointment at the embassy in order to hand in your application. To make an appointment please send an e-mail to ambassaden.khartoum-migration@gov.se

4. Visit the Embassy

After you have received a confirmation on your appointment you will visit the Embassy on your confirmed time and date. The Embassy might ask additional questions or ask you to hand in additional documents.

5. Wait for the decision

When you submit your visa application you will receive a receipt containing information on when your decision will be ready. On that day you are welcome to come to the Embassy to collect your decision.

Information for granted visas.

Information for rejected visas.


The Embassy does not deal with any external individuals/agencies claming to provide any assistance related to the visa application. The Embassy does not charge any additional fees others then the ones stated on the website.

Please note that the embassy has nothing to do with the persons and agencies outside the premises of the embassy who offer services for payment. The Embassy does not charge an extra fee to book an appointment. No sellers can influence either the processing period or the decision. 

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