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If a minor applies for a visa to visit Sweden, the basic requirements, supporting documents and the documents listed below are needed.

In order to apply for any kind of visa, you should submit the documents required by all visa applicants, the Basic Requirements must be fulfilled and the Supporting documents should be submitted too.

You should also submit the following additional documents for minors:

  • Original of documents proving the legal guardianship/custodianship
  • Original of concent by custodian/parents not travelling with the child should be submitted in person at the Embassy or be notarized. The consent of the parental authority or legal guardian is required only if the minor travels alone or only with one parent. Consent is not required if the single parent with whom the minor is to travel holds the parental authority alone.

Minors travelling without parents/legal guardian have to be accompanied to the Embassy by a legal guardian/parent.

The parents/custodians have to sign a consent for the child to travel without them during the visit at the Embassy. The consent should mention the duration and time period for the intended stay in Sweden.

The parent/custodian has to:

  • show documents supporting legal guardianship
  • present civic registration, passport/valid ID

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