Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Bern, Switzerland

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Bundesgasse 26
3011 Bern


Swedish Embassy
3001 Bern

Phone +41 31 328 70 00
Fax +41 31 328 70 01

Visiting hours:
Monday: 09:30-12.00
Tuesday: 09.30-12.00
Wednesday: 09.30-12.00 and 14.00-16.00
Thursday: 10.30-12.00
Friday: 09.30-12.00

An appointment is required for application of passport and ID-card.

You can collect your passport/ID-card without an appointment during the following hours:
Monday: 09.30-12.00
Tuesday: 09.30-12.00
Wednesday: 09.30-12.00 and 14.00-16.00

Telephone hours:
Monday: 09.00-12.15 and 13.45-15.00
Tuesday: 09.00-12.15
Wednesday09.00-12.15 and 13.45-16.00
Thursday: 09.00-09.30, 10.30-12.15 and 13.45-16.00
Friday: 09.00-12.15 and 13.45-16.00


Visa, residence and work permits
The Embassy of Sweden in Bern does not handle any migration or visa matters. We are not able to accept applications, provide any type of stamps/certificates for those applying for visa or take biometrics for residence- and work permits. Normally applications are made on-line.
Please inform yourself at the homepage of the Swedish Migration Agency, for Swiss citizens.
For further questions we kindly ask you to contact one of the five Swedish embassies in the Schengen-Area handling migration: Athens, Berlin, Madrid, Paris or Rome.