Amendment regarding entry into Sweden from Jordan as of 12 July

11 Jul 2021

The Swedish Government has decided on an amendment regarding entry into Sweden from Jordan and several other countries, taking effect 12 July. As of 12 July, the entry ban from Jordan to Sweden has been lifted.

On July 8 2021, the Government of Sweden decided to lift the entry ban to Sweden for persons residing in Jordan. Exemptions will be based on residence in Jordan. This means that persons, who can document that they reside in Jordan, will be able to  apply for an entry visa. The decision enters into force on 12 July 2021.

Questions and answers about the entry ban to Sweden -

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It is the Swedish Border Police who decides who can enter the country. You can read more about entry requirements during the corona pandemic on the Swedish Police website:

Travel to and from Sweden | The Swedish Police Authority (

Last updated 13 Jul 2021, 8.24 AM