Sweden & Türkiye

If you have received a visa

You have been granted visa for Schengen countries *. As soon as you take the visa, please check the accuracy of the information on it.

- Make sure your passport number is the same as the passport number on the visa

- Make sure your visa dates and departure dates match

- Check the number of entries

- Check if your name is spelled correctly

If you think any of this information is wrong, please inform Consulate General immediately.

How to read the information on the visa sticker?

DURATION OF STAY ... .DAYS: The number here is the total number of days you can stay after entering the Schengen zone.

FROM ... UNTIL ...: These dates indicate the date of your first entry into the Schengen zone, and the date you are required to leave latest. Note that these dates are more than the number of days you can stay; duration of stay. However, please note that the duration of stay days specified in your visa must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

Even if you use fewer days than the number of days you are given in the Schengen zone, you must leave the Schengen area at the latest date written on the visa. Staying longer than the total number of days specified can prevent you from getting a new visa for a certain period of time.

Your visa will allow you to enter Sweden and most other Schengen countries. However, the visa does not automatically allow you to be admitted to the Schengen area. At the border, you may need to provide some information (eg where and how long you will stay) and documents (eg invitations, travel documents/ travel and health insurance).

* Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland