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Do you need a new Swedish passport / national ID-card?

To apply for a Swedish passport or National ID-card please note that you have to book an appointment and come in person to the Embassy since you will be photographed and finger prints as well as a digital signature will be taken. You also have to collect the passport in person, however, parents, one or both, can collect it for their children under 18 years.

You have to make an online booking here

We only accept bank card as payment. The payment is made when you visit the embassy. Information about payment and fees

When applying for a new passport or national identity card, you have to be able to show your identity. Bring your previous passport/ID-card and if these are not valid, you should present a valid ID, such as a driver´s licence or Romanian ID-card. 

You shall bring completed application forms. See below.

Form for verification of Swedish Citizenship

If the applicant is a child (under 18 years) parents/guardians need to come to the Embassy in order to give their consent.

Passport consent form minors

If the child is born outside Sweden and has a Coordination number a birth certificate has to be presented to the Embassy.

After about 2-4 weeks the new travel document/s can be picked up at the Embassy. You can also collect the document at the Swedish Honorary Consulate in Cluj-Napoca. If so, you will have to pay for the shipping cost and a delivery fee. Information about the amount you will receive at the Embassy.

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