Sweden & Italy

Checklist for minors

(under 18 years)

For minors, with Swedish citizenship, born abroad, a notification of name and application for coordination number (ansökan om samordningsnummer) must first be submitted before you can apply for a passport. Information about how to apply for coordination number (samordningsnummer) and registration of a minor can be found here Click here.(opens in a new tab)

 The minor and at least one guardian must be present at the time of application. For children and minors under the age of 18, written consent is always required from both guardians when applying for a passport or national ID card.

 In order to complete and procced a new passport/National ID-card application for a minor under 18, you need to present the following original documents:

  • the form "verification of Swedish citizenship"  must be filled in before you come to the Embassy and downloaded through the website or the booking confirmation. 
  • decision on the child's coordination number (personnummer/samordningsnummer), alternatively old passport;
  • international birth certificate, showing the names of both parents (estratto di nascita con generalità plurilingue), must be included if you have a coordination number (samordningsnummer) and never lived in Sweden;
  • consent of both parents or guardians. The passport officer witnesses the signature of the guardian present, who must be able to prove their identity with a valid ID document. If one guardian cannot attend, it is possible to give consent at a police station in Sweden, at another Embassy or Consulate. It is also possible to give your consent by filling in the form passport-consent-form-minors. The guardian's signature must then be witnessed with a signature, name clarification, address and telephone number by an adult not belonging to the family. The id document of the not attending guardian must be presented in original. The guardians' consent must not be older than one month;
  • a legally binding custody decision must be attached in cases where custody is awarded to one of the parents or another person;
  • both parents' valid passport/ID document must be presented. It is not possible to prove identity with a provisional/emergency passport;
  • if existing, Italian identity document for the minor;
  • decision on citizenship, in cases where the child received Swedish or foreign citizenship after application or notification (not from birth).

In some cases, the embassy may require additional documents to establish citizenship.

The fee for a passport or ID card can be paid by credit card (Visa and Mastercard/Eurocard) or in cash when the application is submitted. The amount in EURO may vary depending on the current exchange rate, updated exchange rate under fees. (in Swedish)

If you have previously received a coordination number, new rules apply from 18 June 2021.

A coordination number that is not in use may be registered as dormant. It happens automatically after 5 years. More information is available at Coordination number - Sweden Abroad  and the Swedish Tax Agency.