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Requisition of Swedish coordination number

Children who are born abroad and who have never resided in Sweden may apply for a passport at the embassy in Rome. In order to proceed with the passport application the embassy will request a coordination number (samordningsnummer) from the Swedish Tax Agency. Below is the information regarding these procedures.

The Embassy only requests coordination numbers when the intention is to apply for the passport in Rome.
If the intention is to apply in Swede, we refer the applicant to contact the Swedish police. 

If the parents only wish to make a name notification for the child in Sweden, without applying for a passport or national id-card, the notification form must be sent by the parents directly to the Tax Agency - Skatteverket in Sollefteå. You can down load the form, that also includes a list of documents that you need to attach in the application, from the web site of the Skatteverket. Original documents and copies must be certified by any authority.

Swedish Tax Agency - Skatteverket
S-881 52 Sollefteå

Coordination number

The parents and child visit the Embassy of one of the consulates to present the documents required by the embassy.

Please note that a person born before 1 April 2015 to an unmarried couple where only the father is a Swedish citizen must make a notification of Swedish citizenship  before it is possible to request a coordination number.
For information regarding this procedure, see below.

The following documents must be attached in original when requisitioning a coordination number and reporting a name at the Embassy in Rome:

  • Form Application for name and surname (SKV 7750) filled in and signed by both parents. If the child has turned 12 (but not 18) the form must be signed for consent also by the child.
  • International birth certificate for the child issued by the municipality, showing the names of both parents (estratto di nascita con generalità plurilingue).
  • International marriage certificate, if the parents are married.
  • Birth record from the hospital where the child was born (where the mother's name appears). Alternatively other documentation from the pregnany where the mothers name appears.
  • Both parents' passports are presented in original (or other valid identification with a photo where the signature is clearly visible).
  • Form Verification of Swedish citizenship, filled in for and by the Swedish parent.
  • Decision from the Swedish Migration Agency regarding retention of Swedish citizenship (Only in the case where the Swedish parent has applied to retain the Swedish citizenship after the age of 22).
  • If custody has been awarded to one of the parents or another person, a legally binding custody decision must be attached.

In some cases, the Embassy may require additional documents.

Process and handling

You can hand in the documentation at the Embassy, without appointment, under opening hours for the public. If you wish to hand in the documentation at one of our Consulates you need to book an appointment, you can find the Consulate's email address at the bottom of this page.

The processing time is normally about 6–8 weeks. You receive a decision from the Swedish Tax Agency to your home address.

When you have received a decision on the coordination number, you can book an appointment for applying for a passport

Notification of Swedish citizenship

A child born before 01.04.2015 from an unmarried Swedish father and foreign mother must make a notification of Swedish citizenship.

The documentation to submit to the Embassy or a Consulate in Italy is the same as for the requisition of coordination number but with the following additional form:

The amount in EURO may vary depending on the current exchange rate, updated exchange rate under fees.

Two different statuses for coordination number

Since 18th of June 2021 a coordination number will automatically be registered as dormant at the end of the fifth calendar year unless a notification for renewal has been received by the Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

The coordination number can be activated by the individual directly at the Swedish tax Agency in Sweden or with an application for a passport or national id-card at the Police in Sweden or at the Embassy. A passport or national id-card is valid until the expire date, even if the coordination number is registered as dormant.

For information regarding the status of the coordination number, individuals must be referred to contact the Swedish Tax Agency, which is the responsible Authority.