Konsulärt bistånd till alla EU-medborgare under fotbolls-VM i Ryssland

13 jun 2018

The European Union Delegation to the Russian Federation and the European Union Member States embassies and consulate-generals in Russia are looking forward to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Several tens of thousands of EU-citizen-fans are expected to attend the games that will be played in 11 host-cities across Russia.

While travelling in Russia, EU-citizen-fans may face different types of unforeseen events such as cases of serious illness, being victim of a crime, being arrested or having passport loss or theft. EU citizens travelling in Russia may benefit from improved consular protection during the FIFA World Cup as several EU Member States will deploy Consular Support Teams to the cities where their national team will be playing. These Consular Support Teams will act as extended support from the national embassies and consulates.
If you are an EU-citizen in need of urgent consular assistance, the Consular Support Teams from EU Member States may offer you information, advice or assistance depending on your situation.
The EU Member States' consulates across Russia are prepared and coordinated, in contact with the FIFA local organizing committee and relevant Russian authorities, with several Consular Support Teams placed in many host-cities. The EU and the Member States hope that all EU citizens will be safe in Russia. The purpose of coordination and information sharing among EU Member States is to provide better consular support to EU citizens in urgent need and it demonstrates European solidarity.
EU-citizen-fans are reminded that should their passport or travel documents be stolen or lost while travelling in Russia, they can obtain temporary emergency travel documents from their consulates or ask for assistance via the Consular Support Teams. In cases of crisis or emergencies, EU-citizen-fans are encouraged to follow the advice of local authorities. More information can be found via the websites of national embassies or ministries of foreign affairs or national travel advice Apps.
We wish everybody a joyful FIFA World Cup 2018.

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