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Ambasada Suediei Bucureşti, Romania

Ora locală 07:05

Ambasada Suediei va fi închisă pe 26 martie

Ambasada Suediei va fi închisă pe 26 martie.

Senast uppdaterad 13 oct. 2023

”Before You Go” Campaign

In the Baltic Sea Region, labour exploitation and human trafficking for forced labour is still prevalent in a number of industries, especially in construction, hospitality, berry picking and domestic services. An information campaign jointly developed by the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and the Swedish Gender Equality Agency launched 15 November 2022 aims at informing labour migrants and displaced persons about the risks of labour exploitation and how to avoid them, and about the rights they have as workers. Specifically geared towards people from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania who plan to work in Sweden, the campaign features a video with advice, to their compatriots, from people who have already settled in there. To read more about the campaign and to see the video, follow this link:

Senast uppdaterad 05 dec. 2022