Embassy of sweden Lusaka, Zambia

Local time Lusaka
9:32 PM

The Embassy will be closed 9-10 May 2022

09 May 2022

The Embassy will be closed on 9-10 May.


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Event calendar

  • International Day of the Midwife 2021
    05 May 2021
    Today is International Day for Midwifes. If every birth was attended to by a trained midwife, the lives of around 8000 newborns and 800 mothers could be saved. That’s why there is an #internationaldayformidwife and that’s why we want #midwifes4all.
  • Free Speech
    03 May 2021
    Free and independent media are corner stones for a democratic society. Strengthening free and independent media and the space for democratic voices to be heard is an important part of Sweden’s #drivefordemocracy.
  • Orange the World
    25 Nov 2020
    No country is unaffected. Gender-based violence is found everywhere. Clear policies, legislation and changes of attitude are necessary.

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