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    Photo by: Thron Ullberg
    22 Jun 2021
    Alex Schulman is a writer and journalist from Sweden. He has written four bestselling autobiographical books and now his fifth book and first novel, The Survivors/De Overlevenden has hit the bestsellerlist in The Netherlands as well. Since 2012 he runs Sweden’s most popular weekly podcast, Alex & Sigge, with several hundred thousand listeners every week. In this literary encounter with Dutch journalist Sander Schimmelpenninck, we'll explore the book in the light of our two countries cultural heritage. * * * * Scroll down to see the movie of the event.
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    04 Mar 2021
    The Governments of France and Sweden decided in 2019 to develop a joint strategy to combat trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Europe and in the world. In this webinar, we will discuss this strategy and share best practices to combat this kind of trafficking.