Event calendar.

  • Circular Economy Summit
    15 Jan 2019
    What are the next steps in going from a linear to a circular economy? The cross-border Circular Economy Summit will present an insight into the latest news from the EU on the Road to Circular Economy and share the ambitious targets of the Netherlands and the Nordic countries. Global and local companies will be present to present and share experiences on their rapid journey from linear to circular.
  • Swedish Christmas Tree and Santa Lucia 2018
    Photo: Embassy of Sweden
    13 Dec 2018
    Come to the traditional ceremony on Lange Voorhout as the lights in the Swedish Christmas Tree will be lit. Enjoy a glass of hot chocolate or Gluhwein next to the Christmas tree and celebrate the start of the Christmas Season.
  • What Matter_s
    Photo: Fanny Hansson /Sylvie
    20 Oct 2018
    Earlier this year, 10 design studios in the Skåne region of southern Sweden were paired with 10 scientists at the cutting edge of materials research. Their brief was simple: spend six months exploring a new material, and then show us what it can do. from 20 to 28 October, at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, the results of these unique collaborations will be revealed.