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Embassy of SwedenTokyo, Japan

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, Japan.

Local Time 9:38 AM

Passport for swedish citizens

Carefully read the information below. Make an appointment for the passport application, you must come in person to the embassy. Bring the form listed below. Everyone must make an appointment to pick up a passport, information is at the bottom of the page.

  • For a person who has reached the age of 18 and previously had a Swedish passport, information is available below. Read before you book an appointment.

  • An appointment must be booked in advance in the electronic appointment booking system, Monday 14.00-16.00 or Wednesday at 09.00-12.00. A confirmation will be sent by e-mail from the Swedish Migration Agency (not the embassy). You can also change or cancel the time with the instructions in the email.

  • Examination of Swedish citizenship must be completed and included in the visit. The form can be filled in directly on the computer (everyone who applies for a passport must fill it in). Download here. Sign on page two and bring it to the embassy when you visit.

  • You must visit the embassy in person to apply and pick up a completed passport, during our consular visiting hours. Monday at 14.00-16.00 or Wednesday 09.00-12.00. Booking is required to apply for and pick up a passport. Book an appointment here

  • Previous passports must be brought. (The embassy does not keep the passport during the processing time.)

  • If the passport has been stolen / lost, a police report must be made and the police report must be taken to the embassy. If you cannot present previous passports, you must present a valid photo ID to prove your identity.

  • If you also have another citizenship, a certificate of this must be presented. If the second citizenship has been acquired before 1 July 2001, you may have automatically lost Swedish citizenship. You must then bring a certificate from the Swedish Migration Agency that you have regained Swedish citizenship. (Anyone who applied for regained Swedish citizenship between 1 June 2001 and 30 June 2003 received a certificate to this effect from the Swedish Migration Agency.)

  • The fee is paid at the time of application, payment with VISA or MasterCard. Remember that you need the pincode for your card. Consular fee for passport 22 600 YEN.

  • All documents must be original documents or certified copies.

Application for children

  • The above information and document also apply to children.
  • Those who are under 18 years old are required to have written consent from all guardians. Both guardians needs to sign the document. Download here.
  • Both guardinas passport needs to be shown to the embassy at the time of application.
  • The  children only needs to be present at the embassy at the time of the application. One guardian can pick up the passport for the children by showing their passport and the childrens passport.

To pick up a passport

It takes about two weeks before the passport arrives at the embassy. You will receive an email when the passport has reached us. If you do not receive an e-mail, please check your spam folder in the email. It has happened that our automatic e-mails end up in it. You can then book an appointment.
You will get an e-mail with further instructions the day before your appointment.

Bring your old passport and ID. You always need to book an appointment to visit the embassy, regardless what the e-mail from the Swedish Police says.

Book passport pick up here.


Application at the police authority in Sweden

You apply for a passport and national ID card at the police authority in Sweden. If you can not wait for your passport in Sweden, it can be sent  (passport / ID card) to Tokyo. You state at the time of application that the passport must be sent to Tokyo. A fee of 2800 YEN will be charged when you pick up your passport at the embassy.

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