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Swedish Election 2022

Sweden goes to the polls on 11 September. As a Swede with voting rights abroad, you can vote in the parliamentary elections - but you need to consider the following.


Right to vote in the elections

You must be 18 years old no later than on election day,

You are a Swedish citizen

You are now, or have been, registered in the population register.

If you are entitled to vote, you will receive a voting card. It will be delivered by post prior to the election. The voting card lists which elections you are entitled to vote in as well as the name, address, and opening hours of your polling station.
If you wish to vote by post, you must have special postal voting materials. These materials can be ordered from the Swedish embassy or Swedish consulate.

Postal votes shall be sent from abroad. Postal votes may be arranged no earlier than 45 days prior to election day. Postal votes must have arrived by the time votes are counted.

You can vote early at embassies and consulates, you cannot vote on election day from abroad. Date,time ans city in Japan will be listed shortly at this page.

You must register to vote at least every 10th year and inform the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) in case you change address.
More information on Valmyndighetens webpage.
Last updated 24 May 2022, 10.19 AM