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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

01 Oct 2021

Covid-19 travel guidance

Situation in Japan

You will find information about the situation in Japan on the webpage of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 

Entry to Japan

New entry to Japan by nonresident foreign nationals is currently not permitted. Swedish and other foreign citizens who live in Japan and have a valid re-entry permit are able to leave and re-enter Japan. Certain procedures must be followed, including proof of a negative covid-19 test and  quarantine after arriving in Japan, with no use of public transportation. If you plan to travel, please carefully check the instructions of the Japanese authorities. More information from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs here. If you are in Sweden,  consult the Japanese Embassy in Stockholm

Since 21 March 2020 there are entry restrictions to Japan from many European countries, including Sweden. The right to stay in Japan for 90 days without a visa was suspended. Visas issued before 20 March were also suspended.
Local restrictions

Measures encouraging social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding closed spaces are in place. For information about Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Swedish citizens in Japan are recommended to follow the developments and the instructions of local authorities. For more information, please check Japan National Tourism Organization. Information about policy in Tokyo is accessible here: Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Advice to Swedish travellers

Information and contacts in Japan

Swedish citizens in Japan are recommended to follow the developments and the instructions of local authorities.

Please check Japan National Tourism Organization.  Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, telephone 050 3816 2787.

Information about Tokyo is accessible here: Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents (TOCOS) gives advice in English to foreign citizens in Tokyo, telephone number 0120-296-004. TOCOS is open weekdays 10.00-17.00.

Information and contacts in Sweden

Read the recommendations of the Swedish MFA about the new coronavirus here. In case you have questions about the coronavirus to the MFA, and do not find the answer at Swedenabroad, you can send an e-mail to ud-kc-resefragor@gov.se or call + 46 8-405 92 00.

Swedish travelers are recommended to download the app UD Resklar, with easy to access travel information. If you haven’t registered your stay abroad, you are recommended to do so.

Please find questions and answers about the coronavirus at the webpage of The Public Health Agency of Sweden, här.

For questions regarding entry to Sweden, please refer to the Swedish Police.

There is a temporary entry ban in place. Based on residence, individuals residing in certain countries outside of the EU are exempt from the entry ban. Persons residing in Japan were previously exempted, but the entry ban is reintroduced on 20 September. Please find more information in the government's press release dated 17 September, as well as Q & A's.  

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