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Embassy of SwedenTokyo, Japan

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, Japan.

Local Time 4:06 PM

Team Sweden Japan

Swedish exports are one of the Swedish Government’s focus areas and are an important part of getting more people in work and safeguarding Swedish welfare. Team Sweden stands ready to help businesses. It is an umbrella made up of public authorities, government agencies and companies that all work to promote Swedish exports abroad.

Team Sweden Japan consists of the Embassy, Business Sweden, and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry  (SCCJ). Japan is one of Sweden’s most important trading partners outside the EU, and the second largest market in Asia after China. Many Swedish companies have been active on the Japanese market for a long  time, while others have just arrived. Team Sweden will help make  entry into the export market clear and simple for interested Swedish companies. It’s a way for the Government to make use of coordinated and  effective export support to help businesses that want to set up operations abroad. This export support includes advisory services, financing, marketing and the long-term promotion of Sweden. Another task  for Team Sweden is to regularly evaluate public promotion activities so  that the most effective methods are always chosen. Learn more about Team Sweden on the website.

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Last updated 11 Jan 2024, 2.03 PM