Sweden & Türkiye

Family members of EU or EEA citizens

As a family member of an EU/EEA citizen exercising their right of free movement in accordance with Directive 2004/38/EC you have the right to travel to Sweden together with your family member or join them in Sweden.

Family members are:

  • Spouse/partner/common law spouse
  • The direct descendants (children) who are under the age of 21 or are dependents, and those of the spouse or partner.
  • The dependent direct relatives in the ascending line (e.g. parents) and those of the spouse or partner.

If your aim is to settle down in Sweden, you must apply for a residence card for a family member of an EU/EEA citizen within three months from entering Sweden. Information about how to apply for a residence card can be found on the Swedish Migration Agency's webpage.

PLEASE NOTE THAT Swedish citizens living in Sweden are NOT exercising EU treaty rights. More information about EU/ EEA citizens is available on the Swedish Migration Agency webpage.


Required Documents

Note: If your fingerprints have already been collected within the previous 59 months and if you want to apply for a Schengen visa for Sweden, but cannot do so in person, you need to give a power of attorney to a designated person (not to an agency). The power of attorney does not need to be notarized but needs to be submitted in original together with the application for Schengen visa. If your fingerprints have not been collected within the previous 59 months, you have to submit your application in person.

All family members of an EU or EEA national applying for a visa must at submit the following obligatory supporting documents:

1. Application for Schengen Visa (118031 or 119031), completed except the field 21, 22, 30, 31 marked with " * ", signed and dated.

2. Extract from Turkish family book or other documents proving family ties
    the EU/EEA citizen in Sweden:
       a) Husband or wife/registered partner/common-law spouse
       b) A child under the age of 21 or an older child who is financially
        dependent on its parents
       c) Parents who are financially dependent on children in Sweden.
       d) Other dependent family members

3. Copy of passport/ID document of the EU/EEA citizen.

4. Documents showing that you and your family member intend to travel together to Sweden or meet in the country.   

5. One (1) Biometric photograph 35 x 45 mm. which is not older than six (6) months (Photo is not needed for applicant’s applying in person).

6. Passport/travel document which has at least 2 blank pages and issued in the last 10 years and the copies of all pages with personal information and visas.

7. Residence permit for foreigners: Copy of Turkish residence permit for non-Turkish applicants. Requirement does not apply for Iraqi and Syrian citizens.

8. Iraqi citizens must submit their National ID-card and documents proving family ties in original + submit a copy along with its translation.      


  • The family member of the EU/EEA citizen does not need to pay the visa application fee if the directive is applicable, but he/she still has to pay the VFS Service Fee.
  • Family members of Swedish citizens living in Sweden have to pay the visa fee as they are not exercising EU treaty rights and they do therefore not hold a right of residence based on Directive 2004/38/EC in their home country, unless they have recently moved back to Sweden from another EU/EEA country.                  


Note Additional documents might be required by Consulate General.

An application can be submitted at the earliest 6 months before the planned trip.     

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