Sweden & Türkiye

Required documents

If you wish to apply for a residence permit to study in Sweden, you need the documents below.

If you will be studying at a university or college, you can apply online. In that case, you attach the documents electronically.

Documents required by all students

  • Copies of the pages in your passports showing your personal data and the validity of the passport. If you have permission to be in a country other than your country of origin, you must send a copy of these pages as well.
  • Statement of admission or letter of acceptance showing that you have been admitted to a fulltime course of studies.
  • A statement of account from your bank confirming that you have money of your own to support yourself with. The statement of account that you attach with the application should be translated into English or a document issued in your name showing that you have received a scholarship or a similar means of support (e.g. a student grant) and describing both the monthly sum and the period during which you will receive the money.

    Students at university or university college

    • The documents required by all applicants (see above)
    • A copy of the document showing that you have comprehensive health insurance valid in Sweden (if you will be studying for less than a year). If you are covered by insurance from the university or university college (institute) concerned, you must send a certificate showing this.

    Students at folk high school and upper secondary school

    • The documents required by all applicants (see above)

    Other studies

    If you wish to pursue a course that is not associated with a university, a university college, an upper secondary school or a folk high school, you need:

    • The documents required by all applicants (see above)

    Documents required by your accompanying family

    If your family is accompanying you to Sweden, you can apply on their behalf in your own application.

    Family members need:
          - Copies of the pages in the passport that show your identity, your
            citizenship and the passport’s period of validity.
          - Documents that confirm your kinship (Aile Toplum Kagidi - Nüfus Kayit
            Örneği). Documents issued by public authorities in your country of origin
            are to be submitted together with a translation by an authorised
            translation agency.
          - A document such as a statement of account from a bank proving that the
            family member has sufficient means of support (in English).

    You can find more information about required documents on the Swedish Migration Agency website