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Learn Swedish


About 65,000 people outside Sweden take classes to learn the Swedish language. It’s not too late to pick up on that trend even after you arrive in Sweden.

Swedish as a foreign language is studied by many more people than the population of Sweden might suggest – there are around 65,000 active learners enrolled in courses outside Sweden at any one time.

If you would like to study Swedish in Sweden, a number of options are open to you, depending on your situation. A number of study associations across the country offer Swedish courses at all levels. You may be eligible for university courses in Swedish, either full time or part time.

Various distance learning resources are available. Swedish is also taught at some 200 universities worldwide.

Once you’ve achieved certain levels of proficiency, you can prove it with recognized tests.
Listed below are a number of institutions offering intensive Swedish language programs in Sweden:

For more information, please visit the website StudyinSweden