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If you are planning to study in Sweden, the web site Studyinsweden.se is your one-stop information centre for higher education studies in Sweden. The purpose of Studyinsweden.se is to provide international students wishing to study in Sweden with a convenient and comprehensive information resource.

It contains general information on the opportunities open to international students, admission procedures and other practical details.

The service is designed for students at all levels. It provides information on undergraduate courses, Master's programmes and opportunities for researchers.

Learn more about study in Sweden website; Study in Sweden - Live and learn the Swedish way ✌️

Apply for a residence permit to Study in Sweden

If you will be studying in Sweden for more than three months and you are not an EU citizen, you need a residence permit.

If you will be studying for less than three months, you may need a visa instead.

List of foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden - Government.se

The quickest and easiest way of applying for a residence permit to study at universities and colleges in Sweden is to apply online.

Studying and researching in Sweden - Migrationsverket

If you cannot or do not want to apply online or wish to study elsewhere than at university or college, you can submit a paper application with supporting documents at the embassy of Sweden in person instead.  The application will be forwarded to the Swedish Migration Agency for processing. 

You need to book an appointment by sending an email to ambassaden.pretoria-migration@gov.se.  If submitting at the embassy the fee is payable at time of submission.  See price list under consular and migration application fees.

The Embassy of Sweden in Pretoria handles applications for residents of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Angola, Malawi and Sao Tomé and Principe

New rules for passport check

The Swedish Migration Agency introduces new rules for better passport checks for residence permit applicants

From 1 November 2022, applicants for a residence permit must show their passport at an in-person visit before the Swedish Migration Agency can grant a permit. The Migration Agency will contact applicants to schedule an appointment with the Embassy for passport and identity control.

Stricter passport checks - Migrationsverket

Your residence permit card is manufactured when the decision is made, but no earlier than six weeks before the validity of the residence permit begins.

It is not possible to speed up the manufacturing or delivery of the card.

An automatic email will be sent to the registered email in your dossier once the embassy scans the residence card as received.

Collection of residence permit card Monday to Thursday 09h00-12h00

1)      Collect in person - We need your passport for identification

2)      Courier service or someone else to collect on your behalf.  We need:-

  • Printed and signed letter of consent specifying case number and what is to be collected of each applicant
  • Copy passport of each applicant
  • Waybill from a courier service.

Please Note!

The embassy will not print your consent and will not hand out your residence card and decision if the courier service do not present the printed required documentation.

See embassy website for contact details and opening hours / public holidays