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Applying for a visa to Sweden from Singapore

For foreign nationals that require a visa to Sweden and depending on the length of your stay in Sweden. If it is less than 90 days, you require a Schengen visa. For more than 90 days, you should apply for a visitor's permit. Under certain circumstances a national D-visa may be granted.

Citizens from the following countries/territories require a visa when entering Sweden, check the list.

Visit less than 90 days - Schengen visa

Schengen visa applications to Sweden for applicants residing in Singapore are handled by the the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok. The Swedish Embassy in Bangkok assesses and makes the decision on applications. The visa application process is outsourced to VFS Global Singapore, who handles biometric collection, document control and fee collection. 

To apply, please contact VFS Global website

Information regarding visa applications on the Embassy in Bangkoks website.

Contact information to the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok.

Entry regulations to Sweden

Travellers can find information about current entry regulations to Sweden on the Swedish Police Authoritys website and recommendations for people entering Sweden from abroad on the Swedish Health Authoritys website.

Warning: False visa agents
Applicants are strongly advised not to deal with any agents. The Embassy only cooperates with VFS Global. 

Visits longer than 90 days

The Embassy of Sweden in Singapore represents Singaporean residents for visits longer than 90 days.

If you are planning to visit Sweden temporarily but to stay longer than 90 days, you should apply for a visitor's permit.

An application for a visitor's permit is always sent to the Migration Agency in Sweden, where the decision is made. If the application is granted, a residence permit is usually issued for more than three months and up to twelve months.

In order to be granted a residence permit to visit Sweden, the purpose of the trip must be to visit Sweden and not to settle there. You must have the means to support yourself throughout your stay, and you must possess either a return ticket or enough money to buy one. A medical travel insurance is compulsory.

Apply online
Applications for visitor's permits are handed in digitally. This applies only to persons that are outside Sweden, residing in Singapore.
Apply and pay the application fee by using this e-service.

When you conclude your application in the e-service, you will be directed to a page where you book an appointment for a physical visit at the Embassy of Sweden in Singapore. During this visit you will show your passport and conclude your application with an interview. You will also give your fingerprints and have your photo taken.

Read more about visitor's permit at https://www.migrationsverket.se/English/Private-individuals/Visiting-Sweden/Visiting-relatives-and-friends/Longer-than-90-days.html 

National Visa (D Visa)

A national visa (D-visa) is only issued in exceptional cases. According to the law, special circumstances must apply in your case. Note that a family visit is not considered special circumstances, or that the processing time for a visitor's permit might be longer. The fact that you have previously been granted a D-visa does not automatically mean that you can get a new one.

You and the inviting person in Sweden need:

  • Form National visa (D-visa) (available in English only)
  • All the documents required for the application of a residence permit for a visit

The Embassy reserves the right to ask for further documentation if needed

The decision is made at the Embassy. You cannot appeal against the decision if it is refused.