Sweden & Serbia

How to apply

Unlike some other Swedish embassies, where you can apply online for the Schengen visa, at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade you will have to submit your application documents in person.

1. Prepare the documentation

Check which documents and personal information you need. You must for instance have arranged for a passport and medical travel insurance and have booked an air ticket (although we advise you to delay payment until your visa has been granted), and you must also have an invitation from the person you will be visiting in Sweden.

Read more under Required documents.

2. Make an appointment 

The appointments are made over the telephone.

In case you want to submit your application at the Embassy in Belgrade, but you don't actually live in Serbia or in Montenegro, please read the information on this page: Information for third-country nationals staying in Serbia or in Montenegro - Sweden Abroad.

3. Pay the application fee

Read more under Fees 2024.

4. Visit the embassy

Bring the completed application form, all the required documents and an exact amount of money for the application fee to the embassy at the appointed time. If you do not have all the documents with you, there is a risk that your application will be rejected. During the visit, you may be required to answer some additional questions. All family members who apply at the same time – including children – must visit the embassy.

Furthermore, all the applicants must have his or her biometric photograph taken. If you have left your biometrics at the embassy in the previous 59 months, no personal attendance is required, so please notify the embassy when booking your appointment. Also, children under the age of 12, persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible, and dignitaries (with accompanying spouses) invited by the Member States’ governments or by international organisations for an official purpose are all exempted from the obligation to leave fingerprints. 

5. Wait for the decision  

It usually takes 2 weeks to make a decision in a visa case, but the decision can be made earlier, if it´s the matter of an urgent trip. You should submit all the necessary documents the day you apply. The handling time is counted from the day when the application is complete.