Sweden & Serbia

Paper applications

How to proceed:

1. Prepare your documentation

Check which documents and personal data you need. The Swedish Migration Agency gives priority to applications that are completed in full, and you get a decision sooner.

Read more under Required documents and on the Swedish Migration Agency website.

2. Pay the application fee

Read more under Fees 2023.

3. Present your application at the embassy

Applications can be submitted at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade in a previously booked time slot. The appointments are made over the telephone.

Bring the filled-out application form together with all the documents and the exact fee amount. Try to fill out all the forms in detail, as this also can speed up the process. The embassy´s contact information can be found here: Contact.

4. Visit the embassy

If you are submitting your application in person, you will have to visit the embassy twice: the first time to submit your application, and the second time for the interview, if so is demanded by the Swedish Migration Agency.

When you submit your application, you will have to pay the fee and present the filled-out forms and the copies of the required documentation. The application may even be submitted by someone else on your behalf.

The application is then sent to the Swedish Migration Agency which will require proof of maintenance from your family member. If the maintenance requirement is met, the case will be returned to the embassy for the interview, when you have to visit the embassy again. If the maintenance requirement is not met, the application will be automatically rejected.

You have to book time time for the interview, and come in person. Children applying for a residence permit that are older than 5 are also interviewed. You may be photographed and fingerprinted for the residence permit card you will receive if you are granted a residence permit. This also applies to children.

After the interview, your case is sent back to the Migration Agency in Sweden. If you have neither attended the interview nor made contact with the embassy, your case is nevertheless sent to the Swedish Migration Agency, and your application may be rejected.

5. Wait for the decision

The Swedish Migration Agency’s decision will be sent to your family member in Sweden, if you have authorised him or her to represent you. Otherwise you will receive a notice of the decision from the embassy by e-mail or telephone.

6. Wait for the residence permit card

You arrange for the card in the same way as described in the section about online applicatons.


Last updated 21 Aug 2023, 11.17 AM