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Warning for network scams


The embassy regularly receives phone calls and e-mails from Swedish citizens who have fallen victim to online fraud with Russian people involved. As a rule, it is a matter of new Russian acquaintances on various social networks and in personals wanting to receive large sums of money sent to them in order to be able to pay an unreasonably high, fictitious visa fee to visit Sweden. As soon as the money is transferred, the recipient often breaks the contact. Fraudsters' methods have become increasingly refined and it can often be very difficult to determine whether the newfound contact has honest intentions or not. It has happened that fraudsters have pretended to represent the embassy in their contacts with Swedish people.

For any questions about the visa process, contact the embassy's migration department at our e-mail address: visa.moscow@gov.se

The embassy strongly advises against sending money to people you have never met in real life. The embassy has no opportunities to assist with these types of cases.


Last updated 23 Feb 2021, 8.39 PM