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Parents of children under 18

If you are the parent of a child under 18 living in Sweden, you can apply for a residence permit based on family ties to the child. You and the child must have previously lived together and your intention must be for you and the child to live together in Sweden. An application of this type is often assessed under the same rules that apply to applications based on ties to another family member. If you want your application to include children under the age of 18 or if you are applying for a residence permit to live with your child under the age of 18 in Sweden you must submit your application at the embassy. This applies even if your family member in Sweden is a Swedish citizen.

Information about the requirements and documents to be filled out are to be found on the Swedish Migration Agency's website.

Make an appointment to submit the application to the embassy:
Residence permit applications are made by appointment

Service fees:
Residence permit fees

- Fees are paid at the embassy by credit card.

It is also possible to pay by bank transfers or payments the same month the file is submitted to the embassy's bank account, BMCE 0118 1000 0003 2000 0290 4992. Please take the original receipt to the embassy to show at your appointment. Cash payments are also accepted in certain cases.

Last updated 19 Feb 2024, 12.05 PM