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Business visit and official visit - extra document

  1. Original invitation letter from the company or organization in the country of destination, stating both the duration and purpose of the visit and who will be responsible for supporting you financially during your stay (in Swedish or English).
  2. Documents showing the existence of trade relations or relations for work purposes.
  3. Documents proving the business activities of the company; Examples: Contracts, payment of invoices, list of orders.
  4. Documents proving the applicant's employment status in the company. If you are the proprietor; statement regarding the business trip from the board of the company in Bangladesh.
  5. Proof of the solvency of applicant´s or/ employer’s company, if the company pays the costs of travel and living.
  6. Entry tickets for fairs and congresses, if appropriate. The Embassy considers all cases individually, which is why family members who are co-applicants must hand in all required documents for their respective applications. You will find a list of which documents that is needed under 'Required documents'.

For further information on required documents please follow the link: Annex II

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