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Emergency Passport in the U.S.

If you lost your passport and you need to travel very urgently, you may apply for an emergency passport.

An emergency passport issued by an embassy/consulate has limited validity and is non-machine readable. It is issued in an A4-size format and is valid for a single trip to Sweden only, or to your country of residence.

If you need to transit, it is the applicant’s responsibility to check that the country of transit accepts a Swedish emergency passport. The best way to do this is to contact the relevant embassy or travel agent.

An emergency passport is a travel document and is not equivalent to an ID.

In the U.S. you may apply for an emergency passport at the following locations:

  • The Embassy in Washington DC
  • The Consulate General in New York
  • The Consulate General in San Francisco
  • The Honorary Consulate in Atlanta
  • The Honorary Consulate in Boston
  • The Honorary Consulate in Chicago
  • The Honorary Consulate in Dallas
  • The Honorary Consulate in Ft. Lauderdale
  • The Honorary Consulate in Honolulu
  • The Honorary Consulate in Houston
  • The Honorary Consulate in Los Angeles
  • The Honorary Consulate in Minneapolis
  • The Honorary Consulate in Raleigh
  • The Honorary Consulate in Seattle

An application for emergency passport can be submitted at additional honorary consulates in the US, the processing time is then 5-7 business days.

Contact the honorary consulate directly to confirm opening hours and for instructions. Contact information for each location may be found further down on this page.

Book an appointment via email for Washington DC or New York:
Embassy of Sweden in Washington:
Consulate General in New York: 
Consulate General in San Francisco:

The following applies when applying for an emergency passport:

  • In person appointment.
  • When applying at the Embassy in Washington DC or the Consulate General in New York or in San Francisco, that have biometric stations, no application form or photo is needed, as the application procedure is the same as for a regular passport.  
  • When applying at an Honorary Consulate, an application form will need to be filled out, form is available at the Honorary Consulates.
  • 2 passport photos not older than 6 months.
  • The form Verification of Swedish Citizenship" completed and signed.
  • Police report stating that the passport is lost or stolen (not necessary if loss occurred in NYC).
  • Valid photo ID.
  • Your e-ticket or booking reference.
  • If the Embassy or Consulates so requires, extract of the population register from Sweden (personbevis) not older than 1 month.
  • For minors under the age of 18 guardian certificate.
  • Fee can be paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or cash payment. Please check with the relevant Consulate ahead of the visit for the terms of payment applicable. List of service fees.
  • Regular passports are always cancelled when issuing a temporary passport.