The Field Station | Naturae Observatio | Solander's Eye

In collaboration with the University of Iceland and the Embassy of Sweden, the IK Foundation set up a scientific field station at the outwash plain Breiðamerkursandur in September 2022.

The Field Station provides the opportunity to monitor the landscape biosphere, such a wildlife, weather, vegetation, atmosphere and more without human intervention in a remote area for up to one year.

Jökulnes has most of the characteristics of uninhabited wilderness, as there is little or no traces of traffic or other human activities there. A large part of the area was covered by a glacier in 1998 and therefore part of the glacial cap of Vatnajökull, one of the defined Wilderness of Vatnajökull National Park, when the national park was established. In 2019, Vatnajökull National Park was inscribed upon the UNESCO World Heritage List.

During the Arctic Circle Assembly in Harpa, there will be a live stream from Solander’s Eye and promotional video displaying the Field Station capabilities will be shown. 

Here you can find more information from IK Foundation on the The Field Station | Naturae Observatio | Solander’s Eye

TV Reportage from RÚV: Auga Solanders fylgist með lífi nema land 

Vatnajökull National Park authority describes the importance of the work with Solander’s Eye.


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