Ambasada Suediei Chisinau, Moldova

Lokaltid Chisinau

Statement by the Ambassador of the European Union and Ambassadors of EU Member States accredited to the Republic of Moldova.

25 feb. 2021

We, the Ambassadors of the EU and the EU Member States* wish to refute the recent attacks on Ambassador Peter Michalko and other Ambassadors formulated by the Party of the Socialists and the fugitive MP Ilan Shor. The EU is engaged in the Republic of Moldova on the basis of our Association Agreement, in a spirit of cooperation and partnership. The Ambassadors of the EU and its Member States observe internal developments with a focus on the compatibility of domestic laws and practices with the Republic of Moldova’s international commitments, including those vis-à-vis the European Union, in line with their mandates and in full respect of the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova. The EU and its Members States consistently promote good cooperation with the Republic of Moldova, and demonstrate their support including through a large number of projects that deliver tangible benefits to all people in the country.

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