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Embassy of SwedenLusaka, Zambia

Local time 3:40 PM

Launch of the UNDP Democracy Strengthening in Zambia (DSZ)

22 Oct 2020

Last year Sweden launched a new focus in our foreign policy: A Drive for Democracy. The background to the Drive for Democracy is the growing concern about the threats and challenges to democracy. We see today how democratic principles and spaces are challenged.

Earlier this week, a project in partnership between Sweden and UNDP was launched, aiming to strengthe democracy in Zambia and support the electoral cycle. 

Ambassador Anna Maj Hultgård speech below: 

Under Sweden’s Drive for Democracy - that mobilizes all areas of our foreign policy and all our Swedish missions abroad - we wish to support and strengthen civil society, strengthen respect for freedom of expression and information, including on the internet, and reducing gender inequalities. 

Democracy provides hope and the conditions to shape a common future in a safe and peaceful society. But the structures of democracy must be strong and must be protected.

Democracy opens doors for everyone to be involved in building a sustainable future without poverty, oppression and corruption.

Free and fair elections are one of the cornerstones of democracy. Support to democratic processes and election authorities is a priority area for Sweden’s Drive for Democracy. The pre-election period is of utmost importance.

Under the Drive for Democracy, Sweden supports the development of vibrant, accountable and inclusive multiparty systems that offer individuals meaningful choices and opportunities for political participation and engagement.

This project is an opportunity for Sweden to support the whole electoral cycle in Zambia with SEK7,000,000.00 (Approximately 15.9 million Kwacha).

Sweden will particularly encourage and like to see more women’s participation in decision making both at local and parliamentary levels.

We hope our contribution can support Zambia to hold a free and fair elections but also to see more women in Parliament and local Government.

Looking forward to work together with all partners in this important project on democracy strengthening in Zambia!

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