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Embassy of SwedenLusaka, Zambia

Local time 9:41 PM

Introduction of a digital application for visitor’s residence permit at the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka

15 Feb 2024

From February 15th, it is possible for applicants who are not in Sweden to apply for a visitor’s residence permit through an online application.

Applying for a residence permit online shortens the total waiting time since the application is handled digitally and will no longer be sent by mail from a mission abroad to the Swedish Migration Agency. The digital application is submitted via the Swedish Migration Agency website and you pay with credit/debit card and make an appointment for a personal visit at the Embassy in the digital application. Read more about how to apply here:

Visit Sweden for more than 90 days – apply for a visitor’s permit - Migrationsverket

Last updated 15 Feb 2024, 9.05 AM