41st session of the UPR Working Group - Review of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Recommendations by Sweden delivered by Mr Fredrik Nivaeus, Minister Counselor, Deputy Permanent Representative


Sweden welcomes the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, the adoption of the Domestic Abuse Act in 2021, the introduction of regulations in Northern Ireland to facilitate access to abortion services, as well as the introduction of same sex marriage and civil partnership in Northern Ireland in 2019. However, Sweden would like to make the following recommendations:

  1. Ban corporal punishment of children in all settings, including the family, to ensure the full protection and freedom from violence for all children as required by the convention of the Rights of Child.
  2. Raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility in accordance with international standards.
  3. Ensure that the implementation of the Nationality and Borders Act is in line with international refugee and human rights conventions and that it does not undermine the protection of refugee and asylum rights.

Thank you

Last updated 11 Nov 2022, 4.06 PM