41st session of the UPR Working Group - Review of Philippines

Recommendations by Sweden delivered by Mr Fredrik Nivaeus, Minister Counselor, Deputy Permanent Representative


Sweden acknowledges the stated ambitions of the new Filipino Government regarding human rights and will closely follow which concrete steps will be taken to improve the situation. We remain deeply concerned by the continued harassment and violence including deadly violence against human rights and environmental defenders, indigenous peoples, and journalists; the continued impunity related to the ”War on Drugs”, and the continued practice of “red-tagging”.

Sweden would like to make the following recommendations:

  1. Take concrete steps against extra judicial killings to ensure that all unresolved murders in the country are properly investigated and the persons responsible held accountable in accordance with due process and the rule of law.
  2. End the practice of “red-tagging” of groups and individuals.
  3. Pass the comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Bill and the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression Equality Bill in order to guarantee the protection of LGBTIQ persons.

Thank you

Last updated 14 Nov 2022, 10.39 AM