49th session of the Human Rights Council - Item 10 - General debate

Statement by Sweden. Delivered by Mr. Fredrik Nivaeus, Minister Counselor

Mr President,

The global trend of democratic backsliding continues. Democratic principles, respect for human rights and rule of law are in decline. The Office for the High Commissioner of Human Rights plays a key role in providing technical assistance and capacity building to contribute to States’ efforts to respect, protect and fulfil human rights. We call upon all States to cooperate with the Office, including by providing unhindered access for monitoring and reporting on human rights situations on the ground.

Sweden highly appreciates the invaluable work of the OHCHR. As a longstanding partner of the Office we will continue to support its activities – both financially and politically – as a part of our global focus on human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

International cooperation and solidarity are paramount in these times. Adequate funding is a prerequisite to ensure OHCHR’s capacity and ability to deliver on its mandate. Sweden is proud to be the top donor to the Office and will continue to provide predictable and flexible funding. We call upon all States to fulfil their financial obligations without delay.

Thank you.

Last updated 30 Mar 2022, 11.55 AM