Wrap-up of UNAIDS' Board meeting

03 Jul 2018

Things are moving in the right direction, although many challenges remain. This was the conclusion after last week’s UNAIDS Board meeting, the so-called Program Coordinating Board (PCB). A major issue on the agenda was the implementation of a revised working model, aiming at a more efficient UNAIDS on country level and improved cooperation between the secretariat and the cooperative organizations in accordance with a wider UN reform, including current financial issues.

UNAIDS’ important work for global human rights for vulnerable groups, against stigma and discrimination, ran like a leitmotif through many discussions during the meeting. Another important take-away was the decision to establish an independent expert panel for the prevention and management of harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying and abuse of power at the UNAIDS secretariat. This in the context of strengthening UNAIDS’ actions to address these concerns and ensuring zero tolerance.

Last updated 03 Jul 2018, 3.48 PM